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DIY Tyre Playground Design ideas For Kids

DIY Tyre Playground Design ideas For Kids

Designing a tire playground in your home is one of the best things your child will love, especially on vacation. There are various fun toys that you can create using old tires and making the garden one of the best places in your home. Your child will also be so fascinated at home in the playground that he refuses to go out with his friends, but invites a gang to have fun at home!


This is an interesting climbing mountain for kids, where you need a lot of such old tires that can be arranged like a hill using sand, and you can also paint each tire in different colors to make it look attractive.

Climbing wall:

For all boys and adventurous girls, this is one of the most interesting activities where you can attach the tires with nails and shape them like a wall where kids can happily climb and descend.

Fun Animal Park :.

Create a cute park with animals made with old tires and possibly other old things available at home. You can paint these animals in vivid colors to make the fun park look creative and beautiful.

Obstacle course:

This is very easy to arrange because you just have to lay the tires vertically and horizontally for as long as you want. This will help them build endurance and can play with their friends on timing who can finish it first.


Fill a big tire with sad beach and an umbrella or a small umbrella on it. Little ones will love to play with toys in their little sandpit as they feel like they’re on the beach at home.


Create a climbing wall and a large pallet slide with tires to slide down to climb. The inner circle with tires helps them climb down with so much fun.

Pleasant swing:

Who wouldn’t love a swing at home? You don’t have to invest a lot of money on a swing as you can easily design it with an old tire. Paint them with polka dots and add a pillow to make it look a lot better.

Tire garden:

Not only can they enjoy their vacation, but you can also teach them the importance of planting at home.

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