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DIY Towel Storage Ideas

DIY Towel Storage Ideas

Though there are so many storage spaces at home, we often lack space to store or hang towels, and we want something that is simple, convenient, and cheap enough so that we can easily grab them when needed. With these DIY towel storage ideas, you can use the available materials at home and only need a limited space to store them.

Crate storage:

You can use old boxes to store towels and other toiletries when there is not much storage space in the bathroom or when you are looking for cheap storage ideas. You can also spray the box to make it look colorful.

Leader storage:

Ladders are one of the simplest and most common objects in almost every home. You can spray old ladders and put them in your bathroom to hang towels.

Newspaper rack:

Old newspaper racks, in which magazines are no longer kept, can be returned to a towel holder, where you can place them anywhere, as they only take up limited space.

Newspaper rack towel rack

Newspaper rack towel rack

Step ladder memory:

You can also use a step ladder to roll up the towels and place them in the unavailable space. The ladder can also be decorated with a flower vase, picture frame or other small and cute decorative things to make it look beautiful.

Tin storage:

Collect all the old canisters and wrap them in colorful fabric or gift packaging. You can arrange them like a pyramid with a ribbon that holds them together. This is one of the sweetest ways to keep the towels.

Wicker baskets:

Wicker basket or even vintage baskets are one of the cheap options for storing towels, as you can easily attach them to the walls or hang them with a chain or rope to store towels.

Wine rack warehouse:

If additional wine racks are available at home, you can use them to store towels because they also look creative, interesting, and beautiful. You can also add decorative wine bottles to make it look interesting.

Storage of bar stirrups:

You can tie a large towel to a pole and then place fresh towels on the hanging towel so they stay intact without falling off.

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