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DIY Photo Frame Décor Ideas

DIY Photo Frame Décor Ideas

Do you have old picture frames at home? Give them a new look by decorating it with simple things that bring extra beauty than the new ones. You can use your artistic talent to create decorative photo frames. For this purpose, you not only need new frames, you also recycle the old ones.

Burlap ribbon decor:

Check out this simple burlap ribbon that is zebra printed so you can tie it in a bow and then decorate it with cute things like buttons, flowers or pom poms, etc. to make it look pretty.

Photo frame button:

Use different colored and different sized buttons to decorate the photo frame. You can simply stick the buttons on the photo frame and it will immediately become colorful and attractive. Then just save all the old buttons to decorate the frames at home.

Collage frame:

If you have a thickly framed one at home, you can re-equip it with a collage decor simply by cutting the small photos or prints along the wooden sides that are close together like a collage.

Colored pencil photo frame decor ideas:

There are many of us who love crayons from childhood, and you can transfer this childhood madness to decorate the photo frame with colorful crayons. This is one of the cheapest ways to get these little wax crayons to decorate the old or even new simple photo frames.

Felt flowers:

Cut small felt flowers and glue them together with some tiny pearls on the photo frame so that the photo frame blooms cute. You can use different colored felt flowers to make them colorful, or just light ones.

Paper wrapped frames:

Use colorful gift packaging to decorate the photo frame by just cutting thin strips of paper and wrapping it around the frame. This makes the frame look very different because you can use different colored papers.

Shell photo frame decor:

You either have a habit of collecting shells or you visit the beach frequently. Keep these shells safe to decorate the photo frames. This makes the photo frame look very nice because you use different types of shells, and yet it looks fantastic.

Thread frame:

Wrap the photo frame so tightly in colorful yarn that it looks like a frame, and these collections of bright colors make it look very pretty.

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