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DIY Photo Display Ideas

DIY Photo Display Ideas

Photos are one of the most beautiful ways to keep our happy memories, and you can show off some of your favorite moments through some of these DIY photo display ideas that make them look creative and decorative. There are several things you can use to view photos. Below are some of the easiest and most creative ways to view the photos.

rustic wooden display

Bicycle wheel display:

If you have an old rusted bicycle bike at home, you can spray it or just use it as it is, and you can attach as many pictures to the spokes of the bike as you want. This will look very creative and you can hang the wheel of the pictures on the wall.

Bicycle wheel display

Head display:

How beautiful does this rustic ladder display look? It’s easy to make because you can hang the photo frames on the rungs of the ladder and lean them against the wall.

Head display

Table of glasses:

Fill the mason jars with old pictures, one of two in a jar, and you can center it on the table or neatly arrange them on the shelves to make it look creative and beautiful.

Mason jar display

Old door display:

Old doors can be reused by nailing hooks. You can put photos on the glass panels and mount the door horizontally on the wall so that it is used like a hanger in the entrance area.

old door display

Pallet display:

Cut out old pallets from storage boxes or other old furniture, and you can spray them with some paint and attach photos to them to make them look stylish and creative.

Pallet display

Photo ornament:

This is a beautiful photo ornament where you can cut small stamp or passport sized photos into circular slices and put them in the bottle caps and put them together by poking holes in them and hanging them on the Christmas tree or anywhere.

Photo ornament display

Old wooden plank

Check out how this wooden board is decorated by pasting a photo on it and tying a rope together on the side, along with a burlap bow that makes it look decorative and rustic.

Plank display

Popsicle frame:

Glue popsicles together and you can form a small, light photo frame that can also be taught to children as summer crafts. Decorate it further by painting pictures, drawing with sketches, or sticking stones and glitter on them.

Popsicle frame

Rope display:

Take an old mirror frame or make a wooden frame and fasten the ropes horizontally in rows. You can hang the pictures on it with a clothespin.

Rope display

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