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DIY Napkin Ring Ideas:

DIY Napkin Ring Ideas:

Napkin rings are one of the small details that you can think of when decorating the house for a party or during a vacation, when inviting guests to dinner. But these napkin rings add beauty, charm, and can also be used as souvenirs when they return.

Bottle cap napkin ring:

Use old bottle caps to decorate the turkey face with shaky toy eyes and colored paper or feathers. You can tie this with a ribbon or a cardboard ring to make it easier to hold the napkin together.

Burlap bunny:

Check out this cute burlap bunny that can be used especially for Easter as it will also look appropriate and beautiful. Just make a ring out of the burlap and sew the ears on it to make it look like a rabbit.

Pom pom decor:

You can use pom pom to decorate the napkin rings as they also look colorful, fluffy and beautiful. These pompoms can be made from yarn and attached to cords, ribbons, or even a ribbon, so that they can be used like a napkin ring.

Pop-up card:

Use pop-up cards to decorate the napkins as they look different and you can specify the name of the person for whom the celebration is taking place, the name of the event, etc. This can be made from a cardboard box that you can cut out the name and flip it up.

Tinsel decor:

Just use colorful tinsel to decorate the napkin ring, as you can just wrap it with cutlery around the napkin to make it look decorative. This is one of the cheapest and easiest decoration ideas that can be implemented at home. You can also use different colors on the table to make it look a lot more colorful.

Tissue paper flowers:

Make your own tissue paper flowers and tie them together with a ribbon on the napkin to make it look very cute and beautiful. You can use a handmade flower or finished plastic flowers or even a fresh flower to decorate a napkin.

Toilet paper rings:

Cut out a piece of toilet paper to make it look like a ring, and then wrap it around the napkins. You can also use dried leaves with names painted on them to make them look very artistic.

Toilet paper rings and leaves

Toilet paper rings and leaves

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