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DIY Nail Polishes Storage Rack Ideas

DIY Nail Polishes Storage Rack Ideas

This is one of the most interesting blogs for most of the girls out there who love nail polishes and the bright colors on their fingernails that go with any and all clothing as they step out of the house. With so many nail colors at home, you sometimes have to be frustrated to choose the color you want from the clutter, but you don’t have to worry anymore as these storage ideas make it easier for you to find them easily and creatively.

Cupcakes rack:

With so many cupcake racks and holders at home, you can use the old ones to beautifully display the nail colors according to their shades and the type of color in each rack. This makes it look very nice like a window with colors.

Storage ideas for nail polish for fish bowls:

You can use old fish bowls to keep nail polish in it as the bowls can be wrapped with various decorative things like paintings, glitter decor, crystal decor idea or just a scarf to make them look decorative.

Framed shelf:

Use the wooden frames with shelves to store the nail polishes in them. You can neatly arrange the nail polishes on the shelves and they look like a framed wall decor. It’s also easier for you to get the color you want during working hours because you don’t have to waste time looking for it.

Large glass container storage idea:

Use tall glasses to keep the nail polishes in there. These transparent glasses look very nice and colorful and have different colors. You can easily get these storage materials as these glasses are available in most households.

Pallet storage ideas:

You can use the palette at home to store the nail polishes. They look natural and give the room a rustic look. You can also make it look stylish by spraying bright colors on the palette to make it look different.

Ideas for storing PVC cables:

You can make small sections with PVC wires to store the nail polishes, and they can easily be hung on the walls, where it is easier to get the nail polishes back in place and keep them.

Shoe box storage idea:

Decorate the shoebox with a gift box or any material to make it look colorful. You can simply store all the color polish in it and keep it safe in your chest of drawers.

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