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DIY Furniture: Modern Interior Design

DIY Furniture: Modern Interior Design

Do you want a simple but beautiful interior that you can use for your own home? If you answer yes, this article is for you. We give you some examples of simple but elegant furniture that you can use in the house without spending too much money. How can you do that By redesigning them as follows.

First, here is a simple dresser table that you can use in your child’s bedroom. What we did here is that we just repainted it in a different color to make it look brand new. Isn’t it pretty awesome?

DIY Furniture Hacks-1

Source: hgtv

Next up is this chest of drawers painted by Ombre. You can use a different color if you want. However, we recommend using a light color for this particular project.

DIY Furniture Hacks-2

Source: sfgirlbybay

Have you ever thought about stacking your magazines and turning them into a stool to sit on? The picture below shows you what it would look like.

DIY Furniture Hacks-3

Source: Home therapy

You can also stick wallpaper on your dressers instead of repainting them. This is a great way to save money on color and still get what you want in terms of aesthetics.

DIY Furniture Hacks-4

Source: Home therapy

Here is the chair that can serve as a storage place for all of your painting supplies. It is definitely something different and unique in form and function.

DIY Furniture Hacks-5

Source: Behance

Who says you can only use folding chairs to sit on? You can also use this to display your decorative ornaments in the house.

DIY Furniture Hacks-6

Source: Whipperberry

In this picture you can see how the reuse of a drawer can become the perfect storage unit for the outdoor house.

DIY Furniture Hacks-7

Source: remodelandolacasa

You can also hang your towels on a ladder in the bathroom. Are you talking about multifunctional house tools, right? It is definitely something unique that will be useful to you for many years to come.

DIY Furniture Hacks-8

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

This particular table has definitely been through some wear and tear, but with a little creativity I’m sure you can replicate this to make it something new.

DIY furniture hacks-9

Source: lizmarie blog

You can also turn your old chairs into a bench like this. It is definitely something different and awesome at the same time. If I were you, I would definitely try. I am sure you will not regret it.

DIY furniture hacks-10

Source: Anoregoncottage

These are just a few of the many different types of designs that allow you to reuse some of your furniture. It is definitely something cool and unique in terms of design and function. If I were you, I would complete the projects as soon as possible. I am sure that you will enjoy it with your family too.

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