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DIY Egg Carton Reuse Ideas

DIY Egg Carton Reuse Ideas

Are eggs part of your normal diet? Now you can not only use the eggs, but also the box in which they are packed. Make the most of the egg boxes and you can do wonderful handicrafts that can be used for different purposes. It is also easier to tinker with egg boxes, and it is very interesting to edit or use them.

Storage ideas for baby socks:

This is one of the sweetest and smartest ideas for using the egg carton to keep baby socks on. Just roll the tiny socks and keep them in any room where eggs are kept. Now you can cope with the sock mess that usually occurs in most households.

Ideas for earring storage:

After that, you no longer have to look for the extra earring in the pair, as you can now store each pair safely and neatly in the egg box. This saves you a lot of time and you will agree to this, especially during busy working hours, while easily gripping the earrings.

Nail polish holder:

How cool is this idea where you can beautifully present the nail polishes in an egg box and keep them safe and calm there without being overloaded, and this beautiful color showcase makes them look like a piece of art in an egg box.

Color palette:

One of the nicest ways to use an egg carton is to use it as a color palette. Give your kids a new palette every time, as you don’t have to make an effort to wash the old ones or ask them to bring them back safely. Now painting is easier with a palette that is fresh and contains paint in different colors.

Ring holder:

Just like the earring holder, you can put the rings in the egg box without damaging it, and you can insert the rings into any of the protruding surfaces.

Sewing kit according to your wishes:

Prepare your portable sewing sets with all the important things. You can place the buttons, needles; Yarn and scissors neatly arranged in the box and make it easier for you to carry and even place them in your craft room.

Stationery storage:

Place this egg box with all the important things like stapling pins, pins, chalks, glue or everything that is needed on your study table.

Yarn storage:

This is one of the coolest ways to keep the yarn for travel purposes and organize it in a small suitcase.

DIY egg box planters:

DIY egg box planter

Egg carton flower Lights ::

Egg carton of flower lights

Here you will find instructions on how to make flower light chains from egg boxes Here

Egg box fairy lights

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