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DIY dream Catcher Ideas

DIY dream Catcher Ideas

Dream catchers firmly believe that it cleanses your dreams and lets you have good dreams while you sleep. You can design your own dream catcher that looks elegant, fascinating and breathtaking. Use various simple elements to make the dream catcher look beautiful, and the sieve-like center can be created with any mesh material or your own mesh made of yarn, wires, cords and ribbons.

Doily dream catcher

pure white dream catcher

Butterfly dream catcher;

Butterflies firmly believe in Celtic designs that represent rebirth, which means that life is recycled. You can design a Celtic dream catcher with a large butterfly attached to one side of the hoop, along with some flowers, colored beads, and feathers to make it look attractive.

Butterfly and flowers

Heavenly dream catcher:

Dreams and heavenly elements have a certain relationship because we often get sweet dreams and slumber at night. Design a beautiful moon crest made of yarn, where you can design it with two hoops of different sizes and some small hanging stars.

heavenly dream catcher

Vivid colors of the dream catcher:

The vividness of colors and spirit will fill your room with joy if you look at the colorful dream catcher every night before you retire to bed. This is a colorful dream catcher that consists of feathers and fluffy pompoms in different colors to make it look alive.

colorful dream catcher

Mobile decor for dream catchers:

Create a mobile vehicle with a dream catcher hanging on each strand. You can use multiple tires of similar or different sizes to create such a dream catcher that will make your home look beautiful. You can decorate any dream catcher with pearls, sequins, tiny feathers or pompoms to make them look great.

Dreamcaycher cell phone

Beautiful heart decor:

Create a dream catcher with a heart-shaped center where you can use a wire in the middle while wrapping the cord around the space. Also use felt to cut out heart shapes or any shape designs to make the curtains look cute.

Heart decor

Flimsy dream catcher made of lace and pearl:

This is a girlish dream catcher with a beautiful, flimsy tip and ribbons tied around the catcher with some pearls to make it look very attractive.

Lace and pearl dream catcher

Owl dream catcher:

How beautiful is this dream catcher of the night watch owl with beautiful midnight blue feathers?

Owl dream catcher

Colorful sea glass dream catcher:

Use golden cords to attach the sea glass in the middle. Some of them can be used as hangings to make this colorful glass look bright and beautiful.

Sea glass dream catcher

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