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DIY Desks For Home Office

DIY Desks For Home Office

Those who work from home know how important it is to have beneficial and aesthetically pleasing work in your home. When it comes down to it, your desk is the most important part of the home office, and playing this key player is not as expensive or difficult as you think. There are a lot of great ways you can beautify your computer desk, and we have the solution for your style:

1. Inspiration: Pottery Barn

DIY desk

white home office style

Home decor

Take a corner desk and a pair of filing cabinets to highlight this Pottery Barn-inspired look. Paint them a nice, clean white. Remove all legs and fittings attached to the desk and add braces to the back corner. Viola! How beautiful does white look? And your closets look so much better!

2.DIY standing desk

DIY desk

Save space with this clever standing desk! Now the standard high desk can be quite expensive, but it’s all you need to get something as pretty and fully functional as this high desk right at home, if you’re inventive, what you’re lying around, and if you walk to IKEA .

3. Create and design your own desk

DIY home office

Now this tip is a little bit more for those who love to hold their material in hand. Despite all the details, the project is a project that is relatively easy once you know what to do. For this great DIY tutorial for your own table, start with a nice, sturdy wooden door. You want it to be wide and smooth.


wooden door

The table legs consisted of two pieces of pine glued together to create the sawhorse style. Let the legs be sacred for your wires and cords and the like, a nice and discreet way to place your electrical devices firmly on your table. and it also makes things less cluttered! Sand, primer and paint. You are done!

4. How to build a mini laptop desk

Mini desk

I think we can all agree that mini-laptops are the bomb. Compact, portable and super cute. This little hero deserves a desk of its own, and creating your mini laptop desk will only get you back a few dollars. You want to take the measurements you want to determine how big the pieces of wood should be. You want to use pine that is laminated for the top, pine legs and a circular saw.


Once the pieces are cut, cut a niche. The use of a coin as a template and a jigsaw with a scroll blade helps. Cut out the edges. Use a small miter saw to cut the legs (top and bottom) and the front risers with a circular saw to cut the front edge of the shelf. Assemble the desktop with screws and glue. Drill pilot holes at the top, secure the legs with wood screws on each side and plug the screw holes securely, let the paint run!

5. Home studio desk


simple home decor

To achieve this style, all you need is a table top and four legs. For your desktop monitor, you can add another desk above. Hide all the messy cables and presto! Your own command center and incredibly budget friendly!


Number four will surely upset everyone. With its clean lines and modern design, it is perfect for flipping through a textbook or doing paperwork. Functional and chic, how stylishly comfortable.

chic modern desk design

As the name suggests, you’ll need birch plywood, acrylic, Douglas fir, some aluminum brackets, some pre-cut sections of galvanized steel, a couple of stainless screws, a couple of screws, and T-nuts, like a can of polyurethane finish, all-purpose glue, double-sided tape, something Car wax, broad tape and aluminum foil. The list is a gander, but it’s pretty easy to put it together like the other styles on our list.

7. Your own desk for less than $ 30


Materials for DIY


You don’t have to drop those dollars on an insanely overpriced desk if you can easily customize and build your own for less than $ 30 from home! Start with a 9 cm wide CLS. We use this for the frame and legs of the desk. Get a 6-centimeter CLS for visible support. You need an 18mm plywood to make the desktop. Cut it into 4-inch planks, place it on your desktop, and place a small space between the planks. After screwing and gluing everything to keep it safe, paint it any way you like!

8. Custom desk

custom desk

writing desk

how one

Desks for your home

Cupboards are a great base for desks and also for storing your belongings! They give style and serve function. To get the most out of your shopping, choose cupboards with a beautiful cut and simple design that go well with the material of the table. Wood is a great material for the desk and your closets. Add more character to your table top by painting with foam brushes.

9.DIY standing desk

cheap diy

simple how to make a desk

Upcycling should be one thing because it is environmentally friendly and efficient! Take an existing table top that is around your house and stack another table top over it. To back up. Done.

10. Electronic desk

We’re going to have some fun with a blowtorch.

electronic desk




After a nice sanding, move your blowtorch in a horizontal angle and have fun. Then apply a damp cloth to it and let the dyeing process begin. Add glass and legs and you’re done!

11. Murphy style wall desk

chic hanging desk

Take a piece of chunky wood and attach hinges and cables to the edges. After attaching a foolproof carrier system, mount it on the wall. There you have it! A chic, minimalist desk that you can fold up when you’re not using it. Ah, smart.

12. Shelf-supported DIY desk

modern DIY desk

Desks are just as useful as cupboards and add functionality and style to your table. Grab a great table top, prepare it as you like, and paint it to your liking. Tada!

13. Mid Century Modern Desk


Would you like a modern desk, but only a chest of drawers for assembly? Never be afraid because you have been blessed with many corners and walls. After you have selected your corner, first add legs to your chest of drawers and give it a certain height. Set up a chic, clean-cut table top to give it the mid-century mood you’re looking for. There you have it, original and fresh.

14. Updated table with straight legs


Admire the incredible interior of these table legs! Adding personality to your desk is now much more fun and creative. It doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot to make your work place look incredible. It’s only about the details you enter. Table legs with a cool pattern or interior? A ++

15. DIY desk with vintage sewing machine table legs


Take a cue from these table legs, ladies and gentlemen! Vintage and stylish can be hunted at flea markets at an affordable price! Give your work area personality and shine. Having these intricate vintage legs is a gift that you and your workplace deserve.

16. Industrial pipe desk

Industrial style


The use of galvanized tubes as table legs is perfect for a fresh, nautical and industrial feeling! Efficient and stylish, this idea is one for the books.

17. Minimalist floating desk


Number 17 is all about minimalist details! An efficient desk in modern colors, beautiful lines and floating! Saving space and having such a cute workplace has never been easier. Create your floating desk by putting together a shelf in the shape of a rectangle and then attaching it with your angles and screws as follows. Enjoy!

18.DIY double desk


A double desk that has a double duty and does not double costs or effort? We have it right here. Pull out a table top with your bookshelf and attach the legs. Yes that’s it. You are done and you are right, it is too good to be true!

19. Sawed table table


An ingenious way to make optimal use of the material you have lying around. Take a door or tabletop that is due for the garbage heap and use it in half. After sanding, priming and painting, fix the legs and do the same procedure for the other half. The result? A classic work area for two people, symmetry and elegance.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for your next great DIY project! Do not limit yourself to these, because the possibilities are endless. However, we would be happy if you try our tips as they are guaranteed winners at all times! Have fun!

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