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DIY Consoles Creative Ideas

DIY Consoles Creative Ideas

If you want something unique and different when it comes to functional decorations for the house, why not spice up your living room or bedroom consoles to create something new? Here are some tips to follow if you want to have a project similar to this.

First, consider the material you will be using for your TV or game consoles and stands. Waste wood like the one in the picture can definitely give you what you want in terms of usefulness and simplicity.

DIY consoles 1

Source: ana-white

You can either repaint your drawers or dressers if you want. A new paint job can definitely change the look of an old chest of drawers.

DIY consoles 2

Source: myrepurposedlife

In addition, you can recreate your consoles with wooden pallets for a more rustic and vintage look. You can even add boxes underneath to provide more storage space for devices or discs in the future.

DIY consoles 3

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

If you have old Ikea consoles, you can turn them into functional shelves like this. It certainly offers more space for your entertainment machines and storage space underneath.

DIY consoles 4

Source: ikeahackers

However, if you have a flat screen TV, you can hang it on the wall and create a special console on which you can display all of your favorite items in the house. Made from boxes, you can safely have additional storage space under the makeshift table top.

DIY consoles 5

Source: Sandpaper and glue

You can also put boxes on top of each other and leave them on the side to create another temporary console for your smaller frills in the house. It’s just something you should use if you don’t have enough money to buy additional furniture or display cases.

DIY consoles 6

Source: amazing interior design

However, if you want to use additional boxes, you can use them as functional storage units under your console or display stand.

DIY consoles 7

Source: economical and elegant

You can also ensure that you can use unconventional materials throughout the house. These concrete blocks can definitely be good for storage too. You should definitely try it as soon as possible.

DIY consoles 8

Source: Homedit

However, if you want a more rustic display table, you will find a wooden inspiration here that you can definitely use without any problems. It is simple and easy to do. This special material also lasts a very long time.

DIY consoles 9

Source: Crafts mandrive

As a last option, you can reuse some of your old kitchen cabinets and turn them into a living room console like this. You just need to repaint and clean them up so they can be reused sooner rather than later.

DIY consoles 10

Source: studio3031

These are just a few of the many ways you can recreate your own living room console and your chest of drawers for the TV or your display ornaments. It’s definitely something to consider, especially if you like DIY projects like this for your home.

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