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DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Have you ever wondered if you can design your own DIY coffee table using the discarded things at home? Take a look at these DIY coffee tables and you will be thrilled to make one at home as they are simple, light and entertaining when you are at home and looking forward to a leisure activity or having fun camping with your kids. They learn how to recycle things instead of just wasting time in front of the TV or computer.

Coffee table made of wooden box

Coffee table made of wooden box

This is a beautiful rustic wooden coffee table made of wood strips. This will look very different and unique because you can place it in your garden or lawn. This can be further decorated by painting it in bright colors that improve the look, but I would suggest just leaving it as it is to emphasize the rustic natural look. This will definitely look nice if you want to set up an outdoor coffee table. Since it is inexpensive, you don’t need to worry about someone stealing it.

This is a beautiful coffee stand that consists of a simple round wooden board with plywood for the shiny finish and three large stones that serve as stands for the table top. Isn’t it unique and good looking? Your family and friends will only be surprised to see the coffee table you made with the readily available materials that look good.

DIY coffee with stone stand

DIY coffee with stone stand

Another nice idea to use your old stand that was worn out is to paint it in any color of your choice. The next step after painting and drying in the air is to decorate it with a nice selection of shells and to make it look very decorative and innovative. You can also decorate it with sequins, pebbles, pearls, etc. The idea of ​​decorating is shown below and you can further improve it with your own ideas so that it looks very different from other stands available on the market.

A drinks crate can be reused as a coffee table, and can you believe it? Yes it can be. The picture below shows how a drinks crate is attached with legs for support and pictures, flowers, shells or other decorative objects are placed in it and covered with a glass plate. Your DIY coffee table is now ready for use.

Another nice example of how a wine barrel can be used as a coffee table. Cut the wine barrel in half and place a flat wooden board on top and attach wooden legs to it. Now you can paint or varnish it and use it as a coffee table.

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