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DIY Center Table Decors for  Living Room

DIY Center Table Decors for Living Room

The center of your home is the living room. It is the part of the house where people come together, including their relatives and friends. It is therefore the area in the house that leaves a lasting impression on visitors to your house. It is therefore important that you improve the look of your living room. Here are some home decor table decorations that can help improve the overall look of the living room.

DIY box / wood center table

1 wood decor middle table design


Center tables made of wood or crate provide a rustic look in your living room. You can make your own table from old woods or boxes. If you want western and Scandinavian decor, this wooden or box table is a must. To make it even more attractive, you can put a nice vase with some flowers on it. You can also put a fur next to the table. You can either paint the forest or leave it natural. This type of table can be used in any type of interior, even the most elegant and versatile.

2 wood decor middle table design


Vases and a unique floral arrangement

3 floral arrangements for center table

Your living room interior is not complete without a center table with vases and unique beautiful flower arrangements on it. The floral arrangement will brighten up your living room and definitely enhance the entire area. You can use long-stemmed flowers to complement your upholstery and table. You can also add cutlery and white candles to the arrangement. The flower arrangement should fit perfectly into the interior of the living room. Choosing the wrong type of flower can ruin your interior.

4 floral arrangements for center table


DIY scrapbook center table decoration

5 unique scrapbook center table designs


If you want something unique and creative that you can display in your middle table, these decors for the scrapbook middle table are just the thing. At first glance, you might think that the design is a bit complicated and difficult. But as soon as you see the fruits of your work, you will be proud of yourself. All you need is an old book and something to keep them together and you’re done. For the other design you only need an old phone book and some color and can create a nice decor for your center table.

6 unique scrapbook center table designs


Unique metal canister

7 unique metal containers


If you want to make your living room as attractive as possible at any time, these unique metal canisters are just the thing for you. All you need is an empty canister and metallic spray paint and you’re done. You can choose between bronze, silver or gold color to turn a common canister into a magical decor. You can also use empty bottles of beer and wine with a unique shape to make the design even more dramatic. The metallic decor or the bottles are not only environmentally friendly, but also inexpensive.

8 unique metal containers


Mason Jar Center table decoration

9 decorative mason jars for center table


If you think mason jars are only used to store items or as a container for your groceries, you’re wrong. These mason jars make a unique and very attractive table decoration for your living room. By simply painting the mason jars with a shiny gold color, you can turn an ordinary container into a beautiful decor for your living room. Mason jars are easy to find and available in department stores and other home depots.

10 decorative mason jars for center table


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