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DIY Candle Holder Designs

DIY Candle Holder Designs

If you want the best when it comes to candle holders, this article is for you. We give you some tips for creating DIY candle holders so that you can make artistic and beautiful decorations for any occasion in your home.

First of all, you can use pine cones as the main scent for your candles. Soy is also used in this special candle as one of the main ingredients for this special project.

Candles 1

Source: Evermine

Second, you can also use an ombre color swatch for your candle holder. This will surely attract anyone who wants it to be their own. This is great if you ever want to sell your candle holders.

Candles 2

Source: one-o.it

You can also use beeswax as one of the materials for candle holders. Look at this picture. Isn’t it amazing to look at?

Candles 3

Source: apumpkinandaprincess

On this picture you can see that you can also use your old China as a candle holder. This picture shows you how vintage teacups can definitely make a difference in terms of design and function.

Candles 4

Source: Mykitchenantics

The next picture shows you lace candle holders that will surely give your decor more character. You should definitely try it in the near future.

Candles 3

Source: claireabellemakes

This is a perfect example of how craftsmanship can play a big role in making your decorations work. Sometimes a simple candle holder can become the most beautiful heart of your house.

Candles 5

Source: craftandfun

This was inspired by a bird’s nest, which is sure to give it a more unique design pattern. Therefore, you should try it out as soon as possible.

Source: sabrinasue

You can also dip your candles and candle holders in gold. This will definitely give it a more authentic look.

Candles 7

Source: Vickybarone

If you want something unique and different, why not try to put your candles in a mug? This is certainly a great way to present your candles without much difficulty.

Candles 8

Source: jjbegonia

You can also try recycling some of your old candle holders by repainting them in different colors and designs, as well as in new patterns. It will surely give your candle holders a whole new look for the coming days.

Candles 9

Source: upstyler

These are just a few of the many candle holder designs that you can create yourself. In summer you can definitely do something with your family and friends. Try it now so you can reap the rewards later.

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