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DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Feed the tiny birds that bounce into your garden to make them look beautiful and bright by providing food in bird feeders. You can make your own bird feeder at home using little things that are already at home. These bird feeders draw lots of little birds into your garden to make them look prettier than ever, or you can even hang them up near the windowsill.

Beverage bottle feeder

Egg carton bird feeder

Old light chandelier feeder:

This is an old light chandelier where you can replace the light bulbs by filling each of the holders with grains. These grains in the chandeliers help the birds sit comfortably on them and have food at will.

Chandelier bird feeder

Canister bird feeder:

Use empty food canisters or cat food canisters to make a bird feeder that looks good in your garden. You can just poke holes in the cans and hang them up with rope, yarn, or colorful ribbons, or try something creative like this.

Canister feed

Mason Jar Feeder:

Cut off part of the mason jar at the front so that the birds can have their grains, and you can pierce the lid of the mason jar or tie a rope around your neck to hang it in the branches. This is one of the simplest ideas you can use to help the little bird get food in your garden.

Mason jar bird feeder

Milk carton feed:

You can decorate the milk carton by spraying it in beautiful colors and attaching decorative materials such as branches, flowers, pearls, etc. to make it look beautiful. This will also serve as one of the most beautiful spring crafts for your children.

Milk carton feeder

Dried orange birdhouses:

Do not throw away the orange peel when you have made the juice, but you can dry it and attach it to the branches by pricking in the middle and filling the sacred space with grains. This makes it look nice and very inexpensive.

Orange feeder

Fir cone bird feeder:

Making a bird feed from a pine cone is very easy because you can put some peanut butter on the cones and then roll them over the grains. These then remain securely on the pine cones, which are ready to hang on the branches.

Fir cone bird feeder

Similar to the pine cones, you can also apply peanut butter to the toilet paper rolls to make a feeder.

Toilet paper roll feed

Popsicle Stick Feeder:

This is a simple craft where you can glue the popsicles on top of each other to form a square container and fill the hole with grains in it.

Popsicle Feeder

Teacup feeder:

Attach the tea cups along with the saucers to spoons, forks, or other hanging materials where you can fill the cups with food.

Teacup feeder

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