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DIY Bathroom Storage Projects

DIY Bathroom Storage Projects

The best place to practice decorating skills would be the bathroom. This way you can find creative ways to make the bathroom look good without much difficulty. However, getting started can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience repairing and renovating bathrooms. Fortunately, this article can help you solve this problem by giving you some tips on DIY projects for the bathroom. Here are some examples:

First, you can paint and repaint some of your old drawers in the bathroom. The link below and show you how.

Bathroom DIY Projects (1)

Source: Slides

In addition, you can also install some DIY towel racks to increase storage. Check out this picture to see what I mean.

Bathroom DIY projects (2)

Source: ezzly

In addition, you can set the goal of giving your bathroom cabinets, such as your medicine cabinet, a much-needed revision by repainting them. Click the link to learn more.

Bathroom DIY projects (3)

Source: iheartnaptime

You can also use some of your old soap dishes to keep some of your medication and other frills in the house. You will definitely enjoy this special design and storage tool in the bathroom.

Bathroom DIY Projects (4)

Source: whenwomentalks

You can also turn your rigging hooks into useful towel hooks in the future. You never have to worry about where to hang your towels again.

Bathroom DIY Projects (5)

Source: remodelista

You can also install some of your old storage bins on the wall. Just make sure that it is small and light enough to give your bathroom tools and toiletries enough space without falling off the wall.

Bathroom DIY Projects (6)

Source: falseway dummy

In addition, you can easily make your own storage cabinets for the bathroom using some wood scraps from the house. I am sure that you have built a lot over the years and that eventually you will find wooden boards that you can use.

Bathroom DIY Projects (7)

Source: hgtv

However, if you want to incorporate vintage style into your bathroom without overdoing it, you can definitely do so by using your vintage drawers as a storage unit for your various toiletries.

Bathroom DIY Projects (8)

Source: Home therapy

Here is a towel pattern design that you will surely like to do yourself.

Bathroom DIY Projects (9)

Source: Centationalgirl

Finally, you can also install toilet paper holders in the toilet. This increases the aesthetic value of the toilet itself and allows you to give the bathroom design a certain flair. You should definitely try it as soon as you can. I am sure that you will have no trouble finding the materials needed for this particular project in a nearby supermarket.

Bathroom DIY Projects (10)

Source: Tutorial

These are just a few of the many ways you can update your bathroom with some of the most helpful DIY projects you can have in the house. It is definitely something to consider if you want to renovate your bathroom in the years to come.

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