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Distinctive Floor Lamp Designs

Distinctive Floor Lamp Designs

This is something that can definitely work if you have the right color scheme and attitude towards your room. It doesn’t matter what color of lamp you choose. It is important that you can coordinate your lamp with your overall design. This article focuses on giving you some tips on how to do this so that you can make your lamps stand out from the others.

First of all, you should be able to think about the color scheme you would want for your particular living room. Do you want a completely white living room? Or do you want a splash of color? If you want the former, make sure your lamp matches the color scheme. This particular picture fits what you would like to do.

Fabulous floor lamp next to the beautiful wooden wall unit

Second, you can also use floor lamps for simple office space designs like this. The uniqueness of this device definitely makes a room stand out even more. So if you want your room to spark, use this special design for your office space.

Elegant-modern-home-office-with-an-oversized floor lamp and an intelligent work area

In addition, you can also try to place the lamp on a side table as a decorative but functional ornament. It will surely give your room more character and beauty. Just make sure that you place this special lamp at a safe distance from your deck chair.

February 2012

I like this particular lamp because it matches the chairs in the picture. It definitely fits well in this earth-colored living room. If you want to be simple but elegant, this is the way to go.

February 2012

If you want a monochromatic scheme in terms of color and design, this black and white ensemble is the best option for you. It will definitely bring out a more serious side to your personality. It can also suit both female and male tastes, so you don’t have to worry about gender inputting the design at all.

Stylish floor lamp made of solid wood and silk

This floor fits a more neutral color scheme. If you can also combine this lamp with shades of gray and cream. It is definitely something worth exploring in terms of design. Using neutral colors for your design plans can definitely bring something new in perspective for you as a designer and owner.

February 2012

These are just a few of the best floor lamp designs you can definitely use in the living room or bedroom in the near future. It is definitely something to experiment with. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to try it as soon as possible. It will be the best decision you can ever make regarding the interior of your own home.

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