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Delicious Fruit Place Card Holders

Delicious Fruit Place Card Holders

Place cards are one of the mandatory things in table decorations and you can make them attractive by using fruits. Wedding decorations and preparations are one of the most interesting and entertaining tasks alongside the stress of successfully performing them. If you want to make your wedding decoration so special and unique that your guests will remember it for a long time. Fruit place card holders are an interesting and cheerful way of guiding your guest with their juiciness and sweetness.

Pumpkin place card holder

Pumpkin place card holder

Apple place card:

Apples are one of the most popular fruits. You can simply put fresh apples on the table with artificial leaves attached to them with a pin, or you can tie them to the stem by name.

Apple Faux Leave name holder

Apple Faux Leave name holder

Pear enjoyment:

Use a colored pear, or you can even dust it with silver or gold powder to make it look decorative, and then tie a calligraphy tape with your guest’s name on it. This makes the arrangement very interesting and you can also use poached pears on the table.


Grapes are juicy and will tempt everyone to snap a handful when viewed. Use grapes with fresh, sweet and juicy grapes and just clip the business card between these grapes.

Lemon boat:

Cut the lemon in half and they look exactly like the boat with the attached business card. This will look very bright and cheerful yellow, especially on hot summer days.

Orange ecstasy:

Bright, fresh and citrus delights can make the table more enjoyable as you can easily attach the business cards to them with the help of toothpicks by simply pricking them on the orange.

Peach passion:

Use plump and ripe peaches to arrange place cards, as you can tie parchment paper or a thin fabric with names printed on it. Tie it with a bow around the peach and they will look very cute and attractive.

Pomegranate sweetness:

Attach the place cards to the top of the pomegranate and they will remain safe and intact there for a long time. It will also look very inviting as the red color is very fascinating and inviting.

Strawberry attraction:

Who doesn’t want strawberries? Cut the strawberries and put the business card inside. You can also brush them with chocolate so that your guests can enjoy them.

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