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Decorative DIY hanging planter ideas

Decorative DIY hanging planter ideas

Make your home fresh and green with hanging planters that surround the place with its greenery and beauty. You can use several things at home to get creative, pretty hanging planters that are easy to make and also very inexpensive.

Canister flower decor:

If you have a lot of used food cans at home, simply recycle them to planters by spraying them with bright colors. These canisters are very useful for creating a lot of handicrafts, and planters are among the many.

Sieve bowl planter:

If you have sieve trays at home, just hang them up with chains and you can paint them in bright colors or just leave them natural. This is one of the easiest ways to make a DIY planter at home.

Onion planter:

Use old used lightbulbs at home to make cute little hanging planters as these little glass bulbs look pretty for decorative purposes as you can place fresh flowers in them. In the following, you no longer have to throw away these old light bulbs without a fuse, because you can use them to make beautiful hanging planters.

Mason jar idea:

Mason jars are one of the most common items found at home. You can simply poke holes in the top edges so you can hang up these mason jars to make small indoor planters.

Old plastic fishbowl planter:

Use old plastic fish bowls to make a planter that looks very attractive because you can fill the bowl with sand or pebbles and hang them in colorful ropes or yarn and make them look very catchy.

Reuse plastic bottles Idea:

Simply cut the plastic juice bottles in half and hang them upside down, and you can make a planter out of them. These painted plastic bottles also look very creative and interesting. You can also use old wine bottles to make this type of planter.

Idea for used tires:

If you used tires in your garage, just reuse them by turning them into a hanging planter, as you can hang the tire over them with some trimmings and make this planter look very different from the others.

Wicker baskets:

If you have numerous wicker baskets at home, you can simply layer them together to form an idea for a layered flower planter. You can use baskets of the same size or in descending sizes to make them look attractive.

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