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Decorating Weddings With Lush Green Fern

Decorating Weddings With Lush Green Fern

Have you ever thought that you could decorate weddings by decorating them with fern? If not, just check out the ideas below and try them out at your wedding or the ones you organize for your friends and family. Not only can fern be used in vases and other places like corridors or blankets, but you can use them almost anywhere and in almost anything.

Chair decor

Traditional aisle wedding:

Check out this traditional aisle wedding where you can place fern in small pots along the aisle and they will look very beautiful. You can also tie the fern in bunches on the chairs on both sides if you are not interested in pot fern.

Corridor decor

Hanging ceiling decor idea:

This is another pot fern idea where you can hang the fern upside down in a small pot. This makes it look very nice when placed in a neat row. You can arrange these hanging pots on lawns or outdoors at weddings.

Ceiling decor

Centerpiece decor idea:

If you don’t just want to put ferns in pots as the centerpiece for tables, you can combine them with fresh flowers to make them look fresh and green with the colorful flowers. This is a beautiful decoration idea for roses, orchids and ferns that looks amazingly simple and fresh.

Fern centerpiece

Centerpiece decor

Companion card compartment:

We usually all love something that is either simple and elegant or lavish and unique, and this fern escort card pocket looks simple and unique where you can put the business cards in small sticks in the bushy fern pocket to make it look fresh and green .

Accompanying cards

Bouquet of flowers, boutonniere:

Together with other fern decorations, you can also design the bouquet and boutonniere with a bunch of ferns so that it harmonizes with the theme of the fern wedding and also looks beautiful.

Fern boutonniere

Bunch of ferns

Decor of the lounge / photo booth:

Design the background of the lawn or photo booth with a thick fern wall that makes the whole place appear green and calm. This example is a perfect rustic lounge with a modern touch and a wonderful mix of colors.

Lounge background

Place setting:

Simply place a single large fern leaf as the base for the place setting and place the other items on top of it so that it looks like a background for the place setting.

Place setting

Exterior decoration:

This branch and fern wreath, which hangs on the branches of the trees, makes the decor look stunning and beautiful outdoors.

simple shield decor

Tree decor

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