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Decorating Home With Natural Wood

Decorating Home With Natural Wood

We must have seen various decorative things for beauty homes, but have you ever thought that even a piece of wood from the garden can be used raw to decorate the house? Well, it can, because wood decor has its own beauty and style that cannot be compared to anything else. Let yourself be surprised when you take a look at the ideas below.

Decorate bookshelf:

This is one of the modern wood decor ideas that give the old furniture a new look. You can make this shelf with wooden boards or just give the old shelves a new look by decorating them outside. Round pieces of wood can be attached to the shelf to make it look modern and breathtaking.

Candle holder:

Just cut the block of wood horizontally and you can make shallow holes in it to use it like a candle holder that looks unique and beautiful. This natural decoration idea is very inexpensive. If you are looking for a cheap living idea, you should not miss it.


Wooden stumps can be used like a flower vase or a flower vase holder by just cutting off the middle. You can put any old vase or bowl in it to place plants and flowers in it.

Wooden shelves:

Check out this shelf with small branches used to connect two shelves to make it look natural and unique.

Wall decoration:

You can cut the wood into any shape or with certain geometric patterns and attach it to the walls to get a unique, attractive wall decor that costs less and looks very fascinating.

Driftwood mobile:

You can use the branches or branches as a mobile decor by painting them in catchy colors, wrapping them with yarn or simply and simply leaving them. Other decorative things like pearls and bells can be added to make it look very attractive.

Table runner:

Take a simple wooden palette and use it like a table runner to place candles and other decorative things on it.

Wooden board wall:

You can decorate the walls of your bedroom or living room with wooden boards to make them look very rustic and like a traditional rural decor.

Entry stand:

Use logs like stands to place purses, flowers, books, and you can also hang bags and scarves. This type of entrance decor looks very different.

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