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Decorate Wedding Tables With Candle Centerpieces

Decorate Wedding Tables With Candle Centerpieces

Wedding table decorations make the entire table decoration look stylish, charming or very pleasant enough to create a nice ambience. You can choose from a variety of centerpieces that make a nice choice, but candles are one that not only adds glamor but also makes it look romantic in addition to the usual floral backdrop. There are several ways you can use candles to decorate the table centerpiece, and not just the simple votive holders or tall candelabras.

Crystal candle holder:

Check out these stunning and astonishingly attractive candle holders with crystal rivets in various shapes and sizes that make the table centerpiece look adorable. The crystals glow by candlelight and the bright colors enhance the beauty of the table even more.

Column candelabra:

Check out these tall glass pillar candelabra with crystals that make them look stunning. Usually people think of pillar flower vases, but even non-flowery options create a breathtaking atmosphere.

Crystal pillar candelabra 3

Crystal pillar candelabra 3

Bird cage candle holder:

This is a golden bird cage filled with a thick candle and surrounded by flowers to give it more color and appeal.

decorative bird cage candles

decorative bird cage candles

Tall martini glass:

Use tall martini glasses and fill them with colored water and some petals and floating candles to make them look stylish and romantic. This simple and stylish decor is also one of the most effective ways to save costs.

Hanging candles:

If you’re working on a budget-friendly decor option, you’ll love it. You can hang mason jars on the trees for outdoor wedding parties and fill them with candles, and they will look very beautiful and amazing.

Moss carpet and candles:

Instead of just letting the candle rest on a simple floor or candlestick, you can use a moss rug as a table runner and place candles on it. Green and white are a nice combination to make the table look attractive.

Square glasses:

Fill the square glasses with candles and some orchids to add charm, color, and elegance to the entire table decoration, and they will look very beautiful.

Candleholder made of wood:

Use logs or small pieces of wood and scrape the middle off of it to place the candles in it as this is a nice rustic choice for a candle holder for your rustic wedding attire.

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