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Cute Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Shabby-chic bedroom ideas can give your old, worn and torn bedroom furniture a new look that looks boring and not cuter. If you’re planning a shabby-chic look even though the furniture is new, you can still bring the antique look with you and make it look great. Usually these shabby-chic models are often available in soft colors such as white, beige, sky blue, etc. The colors are in deep tones with heavy paints to cover the worn area after the old paints have been disturbed. If you decorate the room with very simple cotton fabrics, it can look rustic, and you can also use lace fabrics to add some beauty to the look.

The ordinary metal bed frame is covered with a soft and fluffy bed, covered by a nice duvet with ruffles around the edges. The light duvet and bed frame are matched to the wall color. The wooden drawer on the side is just desperate and without color. The room is further decorated with fresh flowers.

This room is decorated with a gold antique-style crib and a matching side drawer that looks great. The children’s bed is adorned with works of art and the headboard made of foam and side lace such as curtains that flow elegantly around the bed.

The room is designed like an igloo and has a headboard with a similar pattern, an icy printed bedspread, old-fashioned window panes and drawers. The ceiling is painted like clouds in the sky. The overall picture of the bedroom resembles a shabby-chic bedroom with fine white furniture and decorations.

This room is very simple and elegant with white-colored side stands and cupboards that are freshly painted and decorated with a floral pattern from a flower bed and matching screens for windows.

This room is best suited for your little girl. It is painted in light cream color and has a head part that is designed like a crown. The matching thin fabric that falls over the bed looks very cute and can definitely give your little girl the feeling of being loved like a little princess in her castle bed.

Princess Shabby Chic bedroom

Princess Shabby Chic bedroom

The bedroom model shown below is very traditional and is done in soft shades of white and gray. The fireplace, the arch over it and the candlestick look very antique in their style and appearance. Although the room looks very matt in color, it is so soft and elegant in its appearance.

beautiful shabby chic bedroom (roses are a must!)

beautiful shabby chic bedroom

French shabby chic bedroom French shabby chic bedroom

French style shabby chic bedroom

French style shabby chic bedroom

Mix of modern and modern shabby chic modern shabby chic bedroom

white shabby chic bedroom Shabby chic bedroom decor

stylish and fresh shabby chic bedroom styleShabby chic bedroom

Vintage bedroom

Vintage bedroom white and blue shabby chic bedroom white shabby chic bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom wall decor

Shabby chic bedroom wall decor

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