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Cute Pom Pom Craft Ideas

Cute Pom Pom Craft Ideas

Pom poms look very cute, fluffy and attractive. Children not only love, but also elders love to touch these tiny, fluffy balls, which are very inviting to touch and feel. You can use these pompoms to create various handicrafts that make it look all the more beautiful and make the thing look attractive.


There are several materials that can be used to create bookmarks, including pompoms. You can attach these pompoms to cards. Felt, stick or even a thread to use as a bookmark.

Christmas tree:

You can use these small, fluffy balls to make little soft toys like Christmas tree, panda, snowman, etc., just sew them into the shapes you want and you will get a cute little display craft.

Lampshade curtains:

Attach them to the edges of the lampshade or attach them to the lampshade to create designs, unique patterns, or just hang them with yarn to make them look like dangling colorfully.


These beautiful edges of the pillowcases are easy to make, just like those that adorned the lampshade. You just need to sew them on the edge of the pillowcases with matching pompoms to make them look cute.

Decor of the flower vase:

Attach them to the stems to make them look like tiny buds that look very pretty when placed in a vase as a bundle. These buds can be selected according to the color you want, or add multiple colors in a single vase to make them look bright and colorful.


These fluffy carpets are very easy to make and can be used in any room, such as bath mats or even in your child’s room. Just attach them to the thin old carpets that are already available at home to make them look pretty cool and new.


You must have made wreaths from different materials such as flowers, leaves, pearls, pine cones, ribbons, etc., but did you know that you can also make wreaths with pompoms? They will look very attractive and beautiful and then hang them on the doors with a ribbon!

Pillow design:

Just like attaching to the border, you can create such designs with pompoms to make them look embossed and fluffy.

Window curtains:

These beautiful pompom cords, which are hung from the windows with yarn, look very pretty like tiny, colorful droppings.

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