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Cute DIY Lamp Shade Ideas

Cute DIY Lamp Shade Ideas

Are you planning to make your own DIY lampshades that look cute and different than the usual ones you find in shops and in every home? Well, creating a DIY lampshade is very easy and you can just make a lampshade out of any material you like and turn it into your artwork. Below are some of the sweetest ideas that can be easily implemented at home with simple materials that are inexpensive and wonderful.

Appliqués and seams are very common when decorating your clothes and possibly curtains, pillow cases or bedspreads. Did you know, however, that you can decorate your lampshade using the same technique to make it look cute and impressive? Simply attach the appliqué to the fabric lampshade by sewing or gluing with an adhesive so that it looks good. You can use ready-made applications that are available in art and craft stores, or cut designs from old clothes and other fabric materials. This will look colorful and pretty.

Ribbons and bows are one of the colorful and pretty looking things girls usually have at home, and you can use these ribbons to decorate the lampshade. Stripes of different colors or similarly colored ribbons can be used to form the basic design, and you can attach bows that you make or finished bow-shaped hair clips to these ribbons to make them look cute.

Bows and ribbons lampshade

Bows and ribbons lampshade

Check out these gorgeous looking black feathers that make the lampshade look stunning and hot. Black is a glamorous color and makes everything and everyone look adorable. These large black feathers are simply hung around the edge of the lampshade to create a unique looking style. You can also try different other types of nibs and mix several colors to make the lamp look colorful, or just stick on a single shade of your choice.

You can turn your lampshade into something very girlish and sweet by wearing a cute pink dress! Confusing? Like a little dress, add ruffles to the lampshade by wrapping it with a pink mesh material and attaching finished flowers or handmade flowers to the lampshade.

This is a decorative lampshade that looks elaborate and is very easy to manufacture. You only have to decorate it with all the jewelry materials such as pearls, pearls, chains and bracelets to the lampshade so that it looks unique and breathtaking.

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