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Cute Cup Cake Topper Ideas

Cute Cup Cake Topper Ideas

Cup cakes are one of the most popular delicacies at every party. You can choose to get expensive or just want to make them at home and top them off with sweet and adorable toppers that your guests will fall in love with. Below are some of the nice ideas that can be implemented on just about any occasion, and you can think of something similar for the parties held at home.

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Birthday Baby Cup Cake Topper:

This is one of the cutest cupcake toppers you can imagine. Cut out pictures of the birthday baby, attach them to the sticks or toothpicks and insert them into the cupcakes. You can use all of your favorite pictures to show them to your guests.

Baby picture topper

Easter carrot topper:

Easter usually reminds us of carrots, eggs and rabbits! And this is a very cute cake topper, where you can twist and roll the orange casing or felt material around a stick to make it look like little carrots.

Carrot topper

Floral topper ideas:

Make small colorful flowers with paper and you can attach tiny buttons in the middle to give them charm and beauty, and attach artificial leaves that make it look very pretty. These tiny flowers will look adorable on every occasion and all girls will love it.

Flower topper

Glitter Star Topper:

How about a sweet treat with a few berries and a few glittering stars on Christmas Eve? You can stick tiny glittering stars or even Christmas balls on the cake to make it look gorgeous.

Glitter star topper

Graduation cake topper:

For all teenagers who are having a graduation party at home, make dainty graduation caps like this and put them on the cake, and it will look fantastic especially for an occasion as such.

Top cap topper

Mickey Minnie topper:

There can be no kids who don’t love a Mickey Mouse, and you can cut and clip Mickey faces with felt material to make them a Minnie!Mickey topper

Monogram topper:

This will be a nice idea for your wedding day or such an occasion. These monograms of your family name or each individual name of your family member can be designed over the cupcakes to make them look different.

Monogram topper

Pom Pom Topper:

Who doesn’t love these cute little fluffy pompoms? These colorful little pompoms can decorate the cupcakes at any occasion to make them look cute.

Pom pom topper

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