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Creative Wedding Menu Display Ideas

Creative Wedding Menu Display Ideas

In addition to the various other decoration ideas, the wedding menu plays an important role when it comes to eating and drinking. Wouldn’t your guests like to enjoy the delicacies of your wedding? You can display the menu on creative scoreboards that attract the attention of the chalkboard.

Menu display for barn wood:

Barn wood planks can be used to display the menu items on one plank and nail them in a row. This can be hung outside the dining area, especially in natural rustic wedding themes.

Barn wood

Table idea:

One of the traditional ideas is to use a blackboard to write down the menu. You can either use a finished board or paint any nicely framed wood in black for display.


Beautiful framed glass:

Use large photo frames or glass frames to display the menu on the tables as you can use glitter to write the menu and add charm to the glass frames. This beautiful idea will continue to decorate the tables.

framed glass

Napkin wraps:

Print the menu on the napkin wraps and place it along with the table setting. This is one of the simplest and simplest ideas where anyone can keep a copy of the menu. In addition, no additional space is required.

Napkin wrap

Old window menu:

Write the menu on each of the glass panes of an old window and they will look interesting. In addition, the long-stored old window in the back yard storage room can finally be put into operation.

old window

Pallet menu display:

If you have a large palette at home, you can paint the menu names on the palette and also the ingredients to make the menu setting more detailed.


Room divider display idea:

Do you have an old or a favorite room divider at home? Display it on your wedding day, because not only can you display the menu items, but you can also put the pictures of the best men and brides on the sections of the room divider.

Room divider

Scroll display:

Use large canvas sheets or thick fabrics or sheets to create a scroll by attaching a stick to the top and bottom of the scroll. You can also create a scroll-shaped banner to display the menu.


Stacked boxes:

Stack all available boxes neatly or untidily and write the menu with chalk on each of the boxes. This looks particularly good in natural and rustic wedding themes.

stacked boxes

Vintage mirror display:

Vintage and antique mirrors are always a pleasure to look at and you can view the menu written on the mirror and hung up in a wedding theme outdoors.

Vinatge mirror

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