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Creative Storage Space Designs for the Kitchen

Creative Storage Space Designs for the Kitchen

If you want extra storage space in your kitchen but have no idea where to place it, it is important that you can plan your approach to smart design. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect storage space for your kitchen without compromising the remaining floor space outdoors.

First of all, you can create a storage container under your own kitchen island. You can even create an extended table top that you can work on.

Kitchen shelf 1

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As a second option, you can also hide your fridge under the guise of a normal looking cabinet door. This will definitely be a major fear of death.

Kitchen shelf 2

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If you don’t have enough space for your storage units, use the pull-out mechanism to make it work to your advantage. Here is a hotplate storage unit that will definitely not take up much space in the long run.

Kitchen shelf 3

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In addition, you can also use your kitchen drawers as a multifunctional storage unit by adding some wine racks. This only saves space if you keep the beverage bottles intact.

Kitchen shelf 4

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You can also hide your cutting board under your drawer. This way you can save space while maintaining the design function.

Kitchen shelf 5

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If you have additional cabinets, you can use them as a storage place for your dishes. They are well organized and certainly clear.

Kitchen shelf 6

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This coffee cabin design is also suitable for kitchens with little space to work. This protects the devices from damage and your own work area is definitely free.

Kitchen shelf 7

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If you have extra wall space, you can install a vertical drawer to hide all of your spices and spices. As a result, these containers and the entire contents of the children are preserved in the long term.

Kitchen shelf 8

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You can also create a small cleaning cabinet that contains all of your kitchen utensils and accessories to keep the room updated regularly.

Kitchen shelf 9

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Finally, you can also turn your cabinet door into a mini storage unit. But he doesn’t want to use it for storage, you can use it as a kind of bulletin board for the things you would have to do during the day.

Kitchen shelf 10

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These are just a few of the many storage options you can have for the kitchen without losing more space in the long run. Hopefully in the future you can get inspiration from this article and create your own designs.

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