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Creative DIY Fruit Baskets

Creative DIY Fruit Baskets

Make beautiful and creative DIY fruit baskets with simple things to make it look adorable. These fruit baskets make your dining table look very pretty in the kitchen, and you can also use them on special occasions to decorate the dining tables. They are simple and fun. Check out the following ideas to try them out at home.

DIY cord shells:

How creative and artistic do these cord shells look like? You can use old baskets and plastic trays to create a new cord tray by simply wrapping the old material with string or ropes and then decorating it with some glitter, painting it as a beautiful border, or attaching some beads and burlap flowers to it.

Cake pan hanging on basket:

If you have a lot of cake tins at home, you can make a layered hanging basket like this to hang in your kitchen or dining room. Simply pierce holes and attach a thick rope or chain to create a multi-layer basket that stores fruits and vegetables.

Sieve bowl basket:

Use sieve bowls or even dish bowls with side handles to make a hanging fruit basket. Sieve trays keep the freshly washed fruit clean and dry by draining all the water. They are also very easy to make and you can paint these bowls in different colors to make them look attractive.

Box of fruit basket:

Use the old boxes or wooden boxes to store fruits and vegetables on the tables and they look natural and rustic. You can also add name tags to the fields or add decorative things like branches, leaves and other natural items to make them look very attractive and natural.

Layered plate stand:

Use ceramic plates and martini glass glasses to create a layered fruit stand that looks unique and creative. You can use colorful plates to create a nice stand for your dining table. This makes it one of the best table decorations at parties.

Melon basket:

This is a one-day basket that can be used on special occasions where you can scrape the pulp out of the melon and use it like a basket to place the fruit slices in it.

Shoe box basket:

Use shoe boxes to showcase the fruits, as you can cover the box with colorful fabrics or gift wrappers to make them look attractive.

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