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Creative DIY Bookends

Creative DIY Bookends

Create creative bookends using a variety of simple materials that are already available at home and help you arrange books anywhere on the shelf or at the table without the need for a bookcase.

Driftwood ends

Wine cork ends

Brick bookend:

This is a simple brick bookend where you only need two bricks. You can spray the bricks and paint some designs on them. Simply place the stones on the table with some space and you can put some books in between.

Brick bookend

Mason jar with fresh flowers:

Fill the mason jar with a little water and cut some fresh flowers, put them in the mason jar and use them as a bookend. It will look refreshing and beautiful! You can also put pebbles in the mason jar if you are unable to replace fresh flowers and place artificial flowers in them every day.

Mason jar ends

Pvc pipes decor bookend:

Take some PVC pipes and spray them with gold or metallic silver paint to make them look attractive. You can glue them on the table and use them like bookends. You can cut the PVC pipes at different heights to make them look more interesting than anything that is standard and of the same height.

PVC pipes decor

Rock End Book Corner:

This is a rock end where you only need a few stones from your garden. You can wash them, dry them and spray them in attractive colors, add designs and simply place the stones anywhere on the table or shelf you want to create a bookend.

Rock ends

Just a block of rustic wood:

This is a rustic block of wood used as a bookend, where you can further decorate it by hanging a picture frame and laying a wooden board or flat wood as the base for your books to give the bookend more look.

rustic wood

Sand-filled fabric end:

This is a sand-filled fabric end, all you need is a pillow case with patterns and colors. Fill it up with some sand, sew all four sides and use it as a book end.

sand-filled fabric end

Succulent bookend:

Fill a glass with pebbles and you can grow succulents in it and use this fresh green as a bookend.

juicy bookend

Toy bookend:

Your children’s toy can also be used as a bookend, as you can use wooden toys and attach it to the wooden blocks and spray it all in solid colors to make it look like beautiful book block blocks.

Toy bookends

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