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Create Beautiful Bottle Lamps

Create Beautiful Bottle Lamps

Bottle lamps can look very amazing and very creative if you use them properly. If you just look back at the number of empty beer bottles, wine cassettes and other beautiful bottles that you have thrown, you will now be very sorry to have thought about how you have not used them. The following pictures just give you an idea of ​​how beautiful lamps can be made with the empty used bottles that often end up in the trash.

Check out this artistic bottle lamp that can be hung in your dining area, garden, or anywhere you want to hang it. If you are able to cut bottles, you can do it yourself or just have it cut from the outside. Then, if you just put a light bulb in the bottle and connect it with wires, you can make a nice lamp.

This colorful bottle lamp looks wonderful as a night lamp or during a dinner party with dim candlelight. All you have to do is simply paint the bottle with different glass colors and then let it dry. Now your lamp is ready! Guide the light bulb through the cut floor and let the colors shine brightly!

Check out this beautiful lamp chandelier made of different colored bottles. You can either use colored bottles or color them yourself to improve the look. This requires additional work as you have to attach the bottles to the metal rim and hang them from the ceiling.

This descending chandelier is made up of different bottle tones that are cut at the edges to give the craftwork more look. The bottles of similar colors are arranged in a descending pattern in a circle. You can arrange the bottles as shown in the picture or create a unique design with your own creativity. You can also replace the wooden holder with a metal holder, depending on your needs and availability.

Chandelier made from recycled wine bottles

Chandelier made from recycled wine bottles

You can design the bottles with more artistic work by adding ribbons or painting pictures on the bottles that you can give to your friends. This beautiful snowman bottle with a bright red ribbon at the top is a perfect gift for Christmas, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered if a beautiful lamp can be made from the bottle of honey bears? Just wash the honey bottle and turn it into a lamp your child will love!

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