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Crate Furniture Design Ideas

Crate Furniture Design Ideas

Are you looking for DIY furniture ideas that can help you spend your vacation effectively and save money in your wallet? Box furniture is one of them. You can create beautiful handicrafts from boxes that you once threw away after using them to carry items. Now you can save them to create a lot of nice things that can be used at home.


Check out this beautiful and rustic bookshelf where you can arrange different categories in each box that is beautifully arranged on the wall. This can be sprayed with cute and colorful designs, or just leave them natural for a more rustic look.

Coffee table:

Check out this beautiful coffee table that looks so neat and like one you would have bought in stores, but you can easily make it at home by combining the boxes with some paint and varnish to make it look stunning and shiny with one perfect finish looks for your living room.

Kitchen island:

Make a kitchen island that looks rustic and creative by combining the wooden bars from a box and covering them with a thick wooden plate. You can also use this countertop outside of your back yard to enjoy the party and have lunch with your family and friends.


Check out this beautiful rustic French bedroom that is fully outfitted with wooden interiors and a DIY box ottoman that stands in front of the bed. This will make your room look beautiful and you can create so many stools to decorate your house.

Plant holder:

Why not save some space for a fresh green home from various other furniture ideas? Place a portable box planter with small potted plants and fresh flowers in your home so that your home looks beautiful and creates a pleasant fragrance that fills the entire room with positive energy.


This is a tall box shelf where you can stack everything you need, exhibit handicrafts, or store the dishes in your kitchen. This is one of the cheapest ways to keep things and also display your collectibles.

Shoe rack:

Check out this colorful and creative shoe rack, which is attached to the wall at a proper distance and in different sizes. You can organize the shoe room among your family members, where each member can reserve their crate by choosing a color that belongs to them.

Vegetable basket:

Crates can be used to store vegetables and fruits because you can use them like a basket. They are durable and fit together when placed under a wooden table. These types of baskets can contain lots of vegetables and fruits.

Dining table:

A large DIY dining table like this is sure to steal looks and enviable eyes that you want to have at home. This will look nice and rustic, saving you a lot of money that you can invest in a dining table.

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