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Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Ideas

This modern rustic kitchen offers an inviting and inviting feeling due to its special touch and vintage details. To maximize space, you can move all of the main components and rearrange the space. You can also add an extra long dining area to an area.

Unique chandeliers give this rustic kitchen warmth

rustic kitchen 2

Combines contemporary and traditional cuisine

rustic kitchen 3

To create a rustic kitchen, you can add some sunken cupboards with fresh, clean ones if you keep the room bright, along with white Cambria countertops. A rustic kitchen also has wood floors with textured floorboards, similar to weathered barn boards with glowing marble top, backsplash and island front, which give the pattern and texture with a rustic feel.

The wooden cupboards create a spacious kitchen

rustic kitchen 4

Worktop with multiple drawers underneath to keep things organized

rustic kitchen 5

Details such as pewter fittings, industrial-style stools and vintage pendant lights can prevent the room from being overcrowded. This modern rustic kitchen is very modern, but doesn’t feel cold. It is due to many vintage details and clear details.

A simple rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen 6

Rustic kitchen with wide window for better lighting

rustic kitchen 7

A kitchen with huge windows overlooking the canyon offers enough light, which makes it super bright with fresh space. The long, narrow island offers additional seating. The flamed marble on the backsplash, created by burning its surface, was applied to the front of the island.

A well structured rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen 8

A rustic kitchen with a coffee station and a fridge on the wine wall keeps drinks in one place. The structured cabinet doors with glass front ensure a unique look.

A traditional rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen 9

Long and narrow rustic kitchen rustic kitchen 10

For those who live in condominiums, since gas stoves are not allowed, you can have an induction hob with extractor hood to keep things minimal and contemporary for those who enjoy cooking. To get an unexpected touch, the cabinet fronts within the island were kept in gray.

A rustic kitchen inspired by wood

rustic kitchen 11

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