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Contemporary Bathrooms for Modern Houses

Contemporary Bathrooms for Modern Houses

Are you building your modern home and want a contemporary bathroom design? Are you considering one of these modern bathroom designs in luxury hotels and want to have it in your own bathroom? Choosing a modern bathroom design is a new trend in building your new home. If you want to get to know some of the great contemporary bathroom ideas, here are some of the designs that have caught my attention:

This modern bathroom style is an open bathroom for a modern home. It is actually an extension of a large bathroom with the bath and the bath on the other side. The double wall in the room makes it a specially designed bathroom. In addition, the neon reflection on the wall gives the contemporary design style.

Contemporary bathroom design

Another modern bathroom is this corner bath and bathtub. Rarely do people place their bathtubs in the middle of a room and rarely think of a corner location for bathrooms. The glass doors make it very modern and the simple fittings give the area elegance.

Contemporary bathroom idea

People who are minimalist in terms of home decor may want this very simple yet stunning bathroom design. The room is highlighted with a light green mural with a glass shower room. The tree roots also make the room look more natural.

Contemporary bathroom

An open ceiling can also be used to transform your bathroom into a modern one. You can turn on the headlights at night, but in daylight you can just let the sun in to create a fresh bathroom feel.

Modern bathroom

People sometimes use their bathroom as a stress reliever in the home. If you are one of them, you can remodel your bathroom like this for a fun and magical bathroom experience. You may also want to install music so you can dance or sing along while taking a shower.

Modern bathroom idea

Another way to get a modern bathroom is to use modern bathroom furniture. In this example, a wall shelf is used in place of a conventional bathroom drawer or cabinet. The furniture is also painted black, the walls and floor are in beige, cream and brown to achieve a flawless look.

Modern bathroom design

Your bathroom can also be used as a mini resort, especially if you like to swim. This modern bathroom really stands out because instead of installing a bathtub, you can use a mini pool as a bathtub.

Modern bathroom

This nature-inspired bathroom is a unique choice for nature lovers. Turn your bathroom into a creative masterpiece by using some beautiful indoor tree plants to add an accent to your flawless bathroom.

Modern bathroom inspired by nature

Feel like a member of the royal family in this modern bronze and gold bathroom. Instead of using normal bathroom tiles, add some gold and bronze accents to this modern bathroom look.

Royal contemporary bathroom

They say black is beautiful, just like this modern bathroom with a black bathtub and accents. Create a modern wall design by having black wood tiles in your wall and installing some lights for unique bathroom lighting. The wood-look wall and floor also give a modern bathroom style a complementary look.

Stylish, contemporary bathroom

A contemporary bathroom transforms your home into the look of a luxurious hotel rather than one conventional bathroom design Why not build your home with these modern bathroom ideas?

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