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Coffered Ceiling Designs

Coffered Ceiling Designs

Would you like to give your blankets a certain personality in the coming days? Using cassette designs can definitely do the trick for you. Cassette ceilings offer you a high aesthetic value when it comes to your ceilings without affecting the functionality of the ceiling itself. Here are some examples:

In terms of contrast, this particular image shows the beauty of contrasting colors in action. There is definitely a balance between the black and white design without overwhelming the viewer.

Cassette ceiling 1

Source: Dapostrophe

You can also use different materials for your coffered ceilings. A redwood blanket can certainly add more character to your home.

Cassette ceiling 2

Source: lonny

This modern living room design uses a rustic ceiling to enhance the beauty of the room. You can definitely use it for your own living room design in the future.

Coffered ceiling 3

Source: lonny

If you want uniformity, you can also adapt your ceiling to the floor in terms of color and material. You won’t regret using this special design trick as it will surely create a balance in the interior design plan.

Cassette ceiling 4

Source: studio design

Below is a modern office design with a coffered ceiling. It is definitely one of the most modern designs you can have for your home office in the near future.

Coffered ceiling 5

Source: houzz

Using different colors for each frame of the coffered ceiling can effectively create a contrast to the bill itself. This will surely make the structure more beautiful if you look at it like a painting.

Coffered ceiling 6

Source: mnbuild

If you want to use a coffered ceiling for a modern kitchen design like this, you can work safely. You should definitely try it out as soon as possible.

Cassette ceiling 7

Source: Marvin

You can also work with coffered ceilings to make your kitchen look more cozy than it actually is. Due to the low construction of the ceiling, everything else seems to be within reach.

Cassette ceiling 8

Source: Southshoredecoratingblog

If you want your high ceilings to be noticed by guests in your home, then using the cassette design is right for you. It will surely draw everyone’s attention who will look at it in the long run.

Cassette ceiling 9

Source: Alicelanehome

The last option here is an elegant dining room design with comfort ceilings, which offers an extremely complicated architecture and an extremely complex design. You will surely never be wrong to use coffered ceilings to bring out the elegance in any room. Try it out as soon as possible.

Cassette ceiling 10

Source: paulraffstudio

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