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Coaster Redesigns For The Home

Coaster Redesigns For The Home

If you want to have the best for serving coasters, it is important that you find waste to recreate all kinds of designs that you may be able to use for the said utensil in the future. Fortunately, this article can help you find ways to do just that without difficulty. If you want to learn more, I recommend reading on as soon as possible.

Here is a coaster made of shelf insert. This is an extremely ingenious way to carry out the project as it kills two birds with one stone. It will help you recycle your old shelf cladding while creating something new from a worn coaster like this.

DIY cork coasters

Source: 86 lemons

In addition, you can use additional wallpaper sheets to rejuvenate an old coaster design. You can either cover the coaster with wallpaper or use the same patterns when trying to repaint your coaster.


Source: Thinking cabinet

As a third option, you can print inspiring images that can serve as a design for your coasters. This can definitely stand out as one of the most unique designs you can ever develop for your coasters.

DIY constellation coasters

Source: nearly perfect

If you want, you can duplicate your coaster survey by redesigning it with dry-erase boards. This way you can write messages on your coasters if necessary. This way you can also use your coasters as part of your household decoration.

DIY dry erase coasters

Source: entertaining

You can also use stamps for your redesign of the coaster. Just like with wallpaper, you can use stamps to cover the coasters and make them look brand new.

DIY rubber stamp coasters

Source: robust design

Another option is to use colored pencils to draw on the coasters themselves. This way you have the creative freedom to display the image you want, instead of being restricted by the design of the wallpaper or the stamp.

DIY paint pen coasters

Source: hifrienddesign

However, if you have old cards that you have no other use for, it is best to use them as a cover for your coasters. Look at this picture. Indeed, this is one of the most ingenious ways to reuse your old tools for education.

DIY map coasters

Source: colleague

This is another way to develop your creativity. You can use felt as part of your coaster design. If you can sew, it will certainly be easy for you to carry out this project yourself.

DIY felt coasters

Source: thecountrychiccottage

You can also get in touch with nature by using natural branches as part of your design for the coasters. This is definitely one of the best ways for you to recycle some of your old tools.

DIY Natural Branch Coasters

Source: purlbee

Finally, you can tie some ribbons to your coasters to get more artistic creativity. It will definitely be one of your best works if you can do it alone.

DIY ribbon coasters

Source: Guard therapy

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