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Ceiling Décor Ideas- Wedding Inspirations

Ceiling Décor Ideas- Wedding Inspirations

What makes the room look beautiful immediately? The walls and the ceiling! And for a wedding, even though everything counts, the ceiling decor adds additional charm. You can make the wedding reception hall or even a lawn with fascination and a unique collection of ceiling decor ideas look amazing so that it appears at its best on the best day of your life. Take a look at the ideas below and you will be amazed by its beauty and elegance.

Crystal chandelier or curtains:

This is an outdoor lawn or tent decoration where you can use the same model for interior decoration as well. Decorate the ceiling with curtains made of white or cream-colored fabric, and you can hang crystal chandeliers or rows of crystals to make them shimmer in lights and look fascinating.

Long streamers:

This is an extra touch to the usual curtains where you can add long two-tone or even colorful streamers depending on the theme of the wedding. These streamers can be attached to the rings or even bars of a specific pattern to make them look unique as if they were simply hung over the top.

Rainbow of flowers: rainbow of flowers

Check out these colorful and bright felt flowers hanging from the ceiling, maybe even together with the fairy lights, to give it more brightness and appeal. Thanks to the wooden ceiling, the colorful look looks much brighter and more lively than any other ceiling material.

Lantern ball:

Replace the usual ceiling lights with large lanterns, possibly in a specific color theme that makes them unique. These golden and white lanterns, grouped together in the middle, make it much more attractive than being spread across the entire room. In addition, the lanterns can be hung at different heights so that they look very beautiful.

Hanging flower shower:

Check out these floral shower rings that hang over the dining tables and form a beautiful centerpiece, except that they hang from above. This way, guests can see themselves freely in the middle of the table with high centerpieces that are usually opposite each other.

Parasol decor:

Parasols are beautiful, light and cheap decoration ideas that can be used for weddings in summer, weddings with beach motifs or simply as decoration material for decorating the ceiling.

Sequin decor:

Large squares of wooden or metal bars can be used to hang decorative materials such as sequins or any glittering material directly above the cake table to make it look attractive and stunning.

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