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Candy Cane Crafts

Candy Cane Crafts

Cane sticks are so popular during the Christmas season that you can convey the feeling of Christmas all year round by creating cute little candies that look very innovative and beautiful. They are very easy to make and turn simple items into decorative items and cost less.

Window decoration

Candle holder:

Take a lid of a small container in which you can put the candle, cover the container with candy canes and tie them together with a ribbon. This candle holder is easy to manufacture and you can also place it as the centerpiece.

Candle holder

Reed flower vase:

Just like how you made the candle holder, this flower vase is easy to make and you can make one in a similar way. All you need is a wide container like the one you can put the bouquet in and place the candy cane around. Later you can fill the flowers in it and place the vase anywhere around your house.

Pipe vase 1

Sugar cane vase2

Pipe wreath:

Make a cane wreath where you can hang it outside the door and it is very easy to make as you have to tie the two sticks opposite each other and connect them in a circle. The center can be decorated with a bouquet of flowers, leaves or pine cones.

Pipe wreath

Door decor idea:

Make a door handle decor with candy canes, and it’s one of the easiest crafts to do, as you only need to hang a few sticks with a ribbon on the door handle. This makes the door handle look decorative and cute.

Door decor

Gift tags with sticks:

Before adding a gift tag to the wraps, you can attach a candy cane to the tags and then attach it to the gifts. This makes it look cute and the person can open it with a smile while chewing on the candy.

Gift tags

Marshmallow snowman and sledge:

Make a sledge out of candy canes and you can attach marshmallows to it and place them as centerpieces on the dining table to make it look attractive.

Marshmellow snowman

Place card holder:

Make a small bundle with three candy canes and then put the business cards in it. This not only serves as a card holder, but can also be carried as a return gift.

Business card


Attach flowers, leaves, or Christmas balls to the candy canes and they look like tiny ornaments that you can use to decorate other things.


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