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Budget-Friendly DIY Decor for Living Room

Budget-Friendly DIY Decor for Living Room

Tired of furnishing your current living room? You could blow up your savings and buy new furniture for a fresh new look, or you could keep your savings, reorder what you already have and add some gorgeous DIY pieces instead. The thing about do-it-yourselfers, however, is that it’s easy to make a living that looks like a preschool classroom with steroids. Fortunately, the trick to avoiding this is very simple, and is to make sure that what you make yourself is not only decorative, but also functional (which means that there are no popsicle picture frames!). Here are some inexpensive DIY decorations for your living room.

  1. DIY fur pillow cases – Fur throw pillows are great for creating a high-contrast texture in your living room, and they’re really good for making your living room look more cozy. You can buy them anywhere, from $ 10 to $ 25 each, sometimes even higher, but why do you do that when you can build them yourself for less money? look at that Tutorial on how to make your own DIY fur throw pillow. Fur pillow caseFur pillow for living room
  2. Organizer made of woven rope box – I love storage boxes that are both pretty and functional, which is why I love these woven rope box organizers. They give a certain area in a room a warm, rustic touch and are also very easy and inexpensive to manufacture. look at that Video tutorial for details. large wicker basket for storage Rope box storage
  3. Personalized wall art – Why buy generic wall art in home goods stores when you can make your own wall art without breaking the bank (or even touching it)? There are countless possibilities for wall art that you can be inspired by. My favorites are stencil pictures on canvas, string art and personalized statement clocks. DIY accent wall art DIY map wall art DIY String Art on a large scale Metallic gold wall art
  4. Mercury vases cheap – Mercury vases are so expensive that I fell in love when I found out about this DIY trick and tried to make my own! Now I have mercury vases all over my house that add a touch of elegant sophistication. You can make it look as shiny or antique as you want. Just follow This easy DIY. Mercury vase decor Mercury vase chic and sophisticated
  5. The heart of the terrarium – Adding a touch of green to your living room with plants can give it a fresher look. If you think plants in pots are boring, try building your own centerpiece terrarium instead. Make it cute and whimsical, or make it slim and contemporary. You have the choice. Cactus terrarium centerpiece living room trendy terrarium Illuminated terrarium

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