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Best Guest Cottage Designs

Best Guest Cottage Designs

If you want to build a guest house that you can offer to all of your visitors, here are just a few of the best ideas you can have in terms of design and function. Hopefully you will get helpful tips on what to do sooner rather than later with regard to a guest house for your own home.

You can turn it into a caravan-style structure. This saves you space and creates space for more storage space in your guest house. If you have little to no space in your own home, this is the best way to achieve your goal without spending too much money.

1 gc - Hornby Island Caravan Tiny House

Source: Caravan from Hornby Island

You can also turn your guest house into a home office. Just like this. It is small but functional at the same time. As you can see, it is filled with salvaged pieces of wood and furniture that the owner used instead of new ones. If you are looking for a rustic style guest house this is the one for you.

2 gc - Rolling Bay Land Co. box

Source: Russ Hamlet

As important as space is for building a guest house, it is not the end of everyone and the whole structure. As you can see in this picture, it is a very small cabin that was built in less than two weeks. This proves that, as the saying goes, there is a way if there is a will.

3 gc - Nido-Robin-Falck-Finland exterior

Source: Robin Falck

You can also create an environmentally friendly home using sustainable resources and passive heating. This way you not only enjoy your stay there, but also a healthy and relaxing experience in the cottage.

4 gc - compact house in the Australian outback

Source: Casey Brown architecture

You can also have a lake house for your guest house. As you can see in the picture below, it offers all of the basic amenities you need for a functional home, and more. The style and substance of this house really speak for themselves. You will never regret having to build your guest house in this style.

5 gc-lake-tiny-house1

Source: Taylor Smyth Architects

If you really want your guests to enjoy their guest house stay, be sure to try these designs. You will definitely not have any problems with the sources of these images, as these ideas certainly come from a group of renowned interior designers who are known for their high level of design. So what are you waiting for? Try these designs. Your guests will surely appreciate it.

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