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Beautiful Peacock Home Décor Ideas

Peacock home decor ideas are really beautiful and if you are a passionate peacock lover with its mesmerizing bluish green color then you will love it. Many love the beautiful shade of the peacock and use its feathers to decorate our houses, or we still appreciate the old painted peacock frame even after years. Here are some of the nice ways you can bring the peacock to decorate your home.

This is a simple decor idea for a peacock bedroom with a single golden peacock feather on the wall and a metal peacock statue that is near the bed. The side stand has a beautiful vase with fresh flowers and a few peacock feathers to give the simple space more beauty.

This room is a fantastic example of how you can bring the shadows to your home. On the table is a blue peacock statue with a beautiful carpet in the style of a peacock feather and a throw pillow that makes the room look more like peacocks that are scattered all over the place. To complement this, beautiful blue-green glass lamps are placed on the table to make the room more lively and attractive.

Peacock rug and pillow

Peacock rug and pillow

If you can’t find a peacock statue or are not interested in placing statues at home, this is one of the great ways to bring that peacock touch to your room. Put a few peacock feathers in a beautiful vase, put them on the table and see how beautiful they can get.

The glass door that separates the living room and the common room is painted with peacock pictures to make it look pretty and breathtaking. Glass art is always a pleasure to see and if it were painted with a bird that is full of colors, wouldn’t it look even more beautiful?

The living room looks calm and pleasant, with a beautiful decoration, which includes the wallpaper paper, the photo frames on the wall and the stools, which are of a mild color and design and correspond to the room. The side lamps and the throw pillows are also in the shade of the ottoman and to give the room more beauty, a stuffed peacock with beautiful feathers is placed on the table, feathers touching the floor. This is definitely the most beautiful thing in the room!

stuffed peacock in the living room

stuffed peacock in the living room

Check out this living room with amazing peacock feather wall art that looks shiny and breathtaking. The picture looks very lively and gives the simple room decoration so much charm.

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