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Bathroom Tile Styles

Bathroom Tile Styles

Take a break from the boring bathroom tiles and go for something much, much nicer that is definitely worth the investment. You owe it to yourself to indulge in a bathroom that’s exactly what you want, and more. Interesting materials instead of the normal old white tiles, like incorporating bamboo and other rich wood into the mix, are a great trade. Here are 20 of the best bathroom tile designs you can grab yourself:

1st chessboard

noble bathroom design

Checkered tiles look absolutely fantastic wherever you place them. Timeless, classic and makes your bathroom look all the more spacious and stimulating. Bravo!

2nd hexagon

Bathroom tile ideas

Quote, tiny little hexagons are the perfect idea for bathroom tiles if you want something vintage and effortlessly sweet.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal detailing

For a really contemporary, modern-chic feeling, a dark charcoal finish creates the right mood. Its deep, dark shade is perfect for something fresh and new.

4. Stone


Stone is anything but primitive. The elegant, shiny finish is perfect for the modern bathroom style.

5. Teal

teal style

Colors get the world moving, and teal does a pretty good job. This color always creates ideas of the sea in its very tropical shade. Have a ball in this bathroom and let yourself be carried away by cool breezes and cooler waves.

6. Flowers

Bathroom tiles

Look at how pretty this bathroom is! All thanks to its tile work. Hexagons + two colors + floral accent = YES YES YES.

7. Rainbow

Rainbow tiles

Colours. What did I tell you? Colours! Bring the bizarre colors into your bathroom and never experience a boring moment on your bathroom floor again. You’re welcome.

8. Laminate


No, the little dog is not aesthetic, but the boy is not adorable! Oh and yes! You can laminate your wooden floors while enjoying warmth and versatility.

9th placement

Bathroom design

Placement is everything! Let your guests marvel at your beautiful, shiny, blue-green floors. Place things off center to get a new twist.

10. Marble


Smooth marble tiles are polished and ensure sophistication. Your bathroom will give everyone a run for their money!

11. Orange


Orange is perfect for a revitalized feeling! The energy these tiled floors bring to your bathroom is perfect after a long day at work.

12. 3 layers

Bathroom concept

Black and neutral combinations are perfect and we love this three-layer concept design. This bathroom has a texture and the beauty of three concepts in one.

13. Pattern


It is a sample party! From the complicated flowers on the chair to the stripes on the wall and the beautiful tiles. We love this look and adding patterns to your bathroom can never be a bad thing. Only knows what works!

14. Victorian

Victorian style bathroom idea

This Victorian-style theme in rich earth tones is the perfect design for those who want a royal, elegant feel to their bathrooms. The wood brings everything together well.

15. Mosaic

modern bathroom style

You don’t see the following every day. Let your inner artist break out in this modern mosaic-style bathroom with quirky wall art.

16. Chocolate


A rich color that is not too dark or hard and offers a feeling of depth and elegance. Chocolate brown is the color to beat.

17. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles for your bathroom

One of my favorites in the lineup. This beautiful, delicate number is just too good to pass on. With its fine details and scalloped edges, you can’t go wrong and the ladies of the house will love it!

18. Chevron

Chevron style for your bathroom

The chevron style in funky, sleek styles is the perfect way to enliven your bathroom and any room!

19. Purple

Bad chic

Decorate your bathroom in this beautiful shade. Do we have to say more?

20. Bamboo


Bamboo floor! A fresh view of wood and a wonderful twist to bring balance and nature into the room. This look is a sure way, among all the others, to get the best tile inspiration and designs for your bathroom. Go ahead and try it out! Good luck and have fun!

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