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All About Marble Table Design Kitchen

All About Marble Table Design Kitchen

From ancient Greek to modern, marble has crossed time and space and wants us to know that is really to stay here. Thank God, because its beauty and elegance are magical. Whether rustic French or modern and elegant – we have the best tips for you to work with the marble with which you want to decorate your home.

1. Kitchen

Marble kitchen

We have all seen marble table tops, but a marble backsplash. Go outside and enjoy this beautiful pale shade. You’ll have a great time eating pizza in the fanciest kitchen ever. Lark and linen approved.

DIY utensil holder

We know that marble can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. That is why marble contact paper is the blessing with which our prayers were answered. Thank you, design gods. And thank you A nice mess, for this style tip.

living room

Marble fireplace

Three words: fabulous French fireplace. over Fieldstone Hill design

diy fire screen

Don’t worry, contact marble paper is here! Save the day again for you. This marble fire screen? Made and made. The White Buffalo Styling Co. has this and more.

dining room

Marble dining table

Domain shows this beautiful Marble surface That is the envy of every holly star. Marble tabletops provide a timeless feeling of luxury and elegance.

DIY marble tray

The food blogger’s dream: marble trays! Your Instagram shots are now much more noble. You will get a heart from Pennies for a fortune for sure.


Marble bathroom shower

If you thought you didn’t need marble in your bathroom, you were wrong. If you integrate Marble in your bathroom They create a space of clean, sophisticated elegance. Just ask Thumb white apron.

DIY bathroom shelf

Go ahead and give your guest toilet a fresh look. Marble shelves, someone? From The funny thought.


Marble bedside table

Wake up every morning with a marble on the right side of the bed Bedside table! More on this Pop talk

DIY bedside table

IKEA makeovers are all the rage, and Petra Tungarden is just as in love with gold and marble as we are.


Marble desk

The work will not be as annoying as it was. Not if you have a desk that looks like this! visit New York Times for more.

diy mini clock

This tiny marble clock could be just the thing cutest DIY ever. Doesn’t this little guy just make everything ten times better? You have Sugar and fabric to thank. We hope you enjoyed our list of great ideas! Good luck and have fun!

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