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Adorn Your Home With DIY Shelf

Adorn Your Home With DIY Shelf

The DIY shelf is very easy to make with all the old materials and the trash that is at home. With the simple things that are readily available at home, you can make your own shelves beautiful. Because creativity is an infinite thing and you can create your own things with your imaginative and creative ideas. DIY shelves not only look beautiful, but also decorate your house, as handmade things always have a special value in every house. Below are some of the nice ideas to create your own DIY shelves.

Check out this simple and elegant shelf that consists of simple things that you must have thrown in a corner as waste. With old leather belts and two wooden poles, you can create a shelf. Simply place the wooden poles parallel to each other and nail them to the leather belts on both sides. You can nail the top bend of the belt to the walls. This results in a nice handmade shelf where you can place small potted plants, photos, souvenirs, etc.

beautiful wooden and belt shelf

beautiful wooden and belt shelf

This is another innovative idea to use unused ladders and turn them into a modern shelf. You can put wooden poles between the ladders that slope to an inverted “V” and then attach them to the ladder by tightening or nailing them with ropes. Once the process is complete, it forms a ladder rack! Now you can put everything you want on these shelves, such as books, plants, donors, etc.

Old wooden doors or shutters as shown in the picture can be used to make a standing shelf by placing used large popcorn cans in between. Nail the popcorn cans to the wooden shutters and they will look very different and unique as you can use this place to keep your books, toys and everything you can put in them.

These types of DIY shelves are very easy to make because you only need a few wooden panels and ropes. You can place the plates parallel to each other with a certain distance between them and then pierce a hole on the sides. You can then use ropes to insert them into the holes and tie a knot after each plate forms a shelf. This shelf can be hung anywhere and anywhere.

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