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Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Sometimes you enter a fully furnished, fully decorated room, but you still think something is wrong. Empty walls tend to do so. Minimalism is great, but even minimalists can’t stand too many empty walls in their homes. If you have too many blank walls and are looking for ways to breathe more life into your room, an accent wall may be just the thing for you. Here are 8 accented wall ideas that you can try to brighten up a room.

  1. Paint it a light color – One of the cheapest, but also most beautiful ways to create an accent wall in every room of your house is to simply paint a light color. Bright does not necessarily refer to colors such as yellow, pink, red and the like. It just means one color that creates a nice contrast to the other walls. You can also try creating different color designs like stripes, geometric patterns, and more. accen wall light yellow dining and living roomAccent wall in blue-green
  2. Create an ombre wall – feel a little more artistic? Instead, try creating an ombre-painted accent wall. You can use a paint roller if you want the linear gradient effect, or you can use a sponge for something that looks a little cloudier. In any case, an ombre wall is a great way to create an accent wall that is also the focus of a room. Ombre bedroom accent wall Ombre accent wall
  3. Choose an interesting wallpaper – If you want to create an accent wall but don’t have much time to paint or craft, you can always add an interesting wallpaper instead. There are countless wallpaper options. You just have to find the perfect one that fits your theme and decor. Stair wallpaper tropical accent wall Floral wallpaper bathroom accent wall Accent wallpaper baby boy nursery
  4. Create a vertical garden – Do you need an accent wall idea in the kitchen or for a wall that leads outside? How about your own vertical garden? This works on both interior and exterior accent walls and is not that difficult to make. You just have to be patient while waiting for your plants to grow before you see the full effect. Dining area with garden accent wall Garden accent wall
  5. Use waste wood – Adding the wooden element brings warmth to any room. If you want an accent wall that is simple but surely stands out, a waste wood wall is really great. This is also perfect if you want to mount something like a frame, mirror or even mounting a TV on the wall. Reclaimed mini living area wood accent wall reclaimed weathered wood accent wall
  6. Make a mural – I personally cannot paint that well. However, if you paint your wall, a beautiful mural is a great way to create an accent wall. This solution works for any room and is also much cheaper than other options, although it is quite time consuming. Accent mural painting cool Mountain wall accent wall
  7. Fill it with frames – If you are looking for a more personal accent wall option, you can then fill your wall with frames. Not all pictures have to be. Frame a mirror, a book cover, a painting – you can frame anything you want and hang it on your wall. framed accent wall

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